Media Statement

Zega is proud to have designed the world’s first intelligent, walk-away cookware. Since our launch last year, we have sold thousands of units and the consumer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We offer a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, and from thousands of units sold, we have only had between 1%-2% returns (vs. approximately 20% for a typical e-commerce business). In fact, we have received countless number of positive reviews from customers who absolutely love their Zega, and have received numerous positive media reviews from highly experienced journalists who thoroughly road-tested our cookware. Zega was even named one of the Top 100 Innovations of 2021 by The Australian magazine. We stand by the product’s award-winning design and SmartControl technology.

 We were surprised to hear from Choice about their experience cooking the coq au vin. As with all new products, sometimes they take a bit of getting used to, and Zega is no exception. (For example, some cooks can’t resist the temptation to lift the lid and stir, but in order for Zega to properly self-cook, the lid must stay on at all times.) Unfortunately, the Choice reviewer in question declined our offer to talk through her issues over the phone. In our experience, the vast majority of teething issues can be resolved with a simple phone call, and we were unfortunately not given this opportunity. We believe that if we were able to troubleshoot with Choice in real time, that we would have been able to more easily identify what they were doing wrong in order to ensure a perfect result. We have helped many other customers in this way.

With meat recipes, especially those with bone-in cuts like the coq au vin, it's important to brown your meat well first per the recipe instructions. Also, for meat without bones, Zega works better when your meat is diced into 3-5 cm/1-2 inch cubes. Once you've browned the meat (and any added vegetables) and stock and popped the lid on, you must not remove it until your food is cooked. We know it's tempting to lift the lid to see how things are going, but it’s important to resist this temptation as it allows the retained heat to escape which inhibits the self-cooking process. Further, because of Zega's unique self-basting lid, our recipes need approximately 25-30% less added liquid (water, stock etc) than in your conventional cookware. You can always add your favourite thickening agent at the end to get your desired sauce consistency.

We provided this additional information to Choice, but it’s unclear whether they further tested following our instructions. We recognise the role Choice plays in safeguarding consumer interests. However, on this occasion, Choice has got it wrong. 



Customer Reviews

“I haven’t stopped using mine. The best investment ever. The food tastes great and saves me lots of time and money on electricity 🙏”
Linda, AU
“Best way to cook. Great peace of mind knowing it cooks while you work without leaving power on. I absolutely love it on batch day”
Yvette, AU
“Great product, only had it a few weeks. Love the chicken and broccoli recipe so good. Thank you Zega. Our family has already bought four of them.😍”
Diane, AU
“I love my Zega, now I can always cook food very slowly with no risk of overcooking or burning.”
Diane, AU
“I tried beef goulash today. OMG, the best ever, I cannot wait to try a chicken recipe next.”
Anna, AU
“Heads up with the gas crisis; these Zega pots will be in demand as they cut down significantly on your energy usage 🔌 and costs 💸”
Deb, AU
“I have one and it’s the best thing I have found 🙏. I use it at least 3 times a week.”
John, AU
“Impossible to burn hey...challenge accepted”
Teagan, AU
“I have recently purchased an analogue version of this pot and OMG I love it... Nothing breaks down so you don’t end up with mush.”
Elizabeth, AU
“Perfect for working parents - no more rushed meals.”
Barbara, AU